Friday, April 8, 2011


You heard it hear first.
And we should start with Senior Judge Silberman From the DC Circuit Court. He apparently has decided to ignore the oath he took as a judge and announced that he will never release a man from Guantanamo as long as the government can muster together some evidence that the person was connected in some way with either the Taliban, al-Qaeda or some associated force.... "some evidence" sometimes referrred to as "whatever shit you can pull together" not the standard in our courts....well let me take that back, it has been the standard in the DC Circuit court since they started hearing these cases --but it is not the proper standard, and now Judge Silberman is admitting that that is the standard the circuit has been following....the whatever shit standard. In the coming weeks and months we must determine whether or not he speaks for the whole court, as he suggests in his concurring opinion,....and if he does then the whole DC Circuit Court should recuse itself from hearing any additional Guantanamo cases...and those judges who proudly boast that they will not follow the law as laid out by the US Supreme Court must be impeached.
You can read his fear mongering rant here, it is the last two pages of the decision.