Friday, September 21, 2012


So today the Bush  I mean Obama administration released the names of those men that Obama's task force cleared for release back in 2009. This would be the list of those who were cleared by all of the big name groups (FBI, CIA, State Department, Military etc) and are still sitting around year after year with no charges against them and no prospects of getting out alive- the ones who were cleared and have been transferred are off of this list- as are the men who were cleared and are now dead. This list had been protected by the Obama administration with the threat to us attorneys of being held in contempt of court and losing your security clearance if you had dared to mention to anyone that your client was "cleared." Latif- the man who died earlier this month was cleared for release- but his attorneys could not even mention it after he died....until they got permission and of course being dead means no longer being on the list.
Some years ago I had a battle with the DOJ over this issue-they threatened me with contempt of court after I learned that my client was cleared from a reporter before the government told me and I wanted to talk about it. The judge said no I couldn't talk about it. Later I asked the judge could I please-please- just tell my clients wife that he is cleared so that maybe she would wait for him- he still said no. Many months later I was talking to my clients brother on the phone and the brother told me how happy they all were that my client was cleared for release. I asked him how he knew and he told me that the ICRC told the whole family. So this was just another bullshit rule placed on the attorneys to make our representation more difficult.
so I leave you with this: