Saturday, January 1, 2022

New Years Eve of the plague year...

 The Talking Dog is his usual optimistic self:

It’s the end of a year that began with the sitting President of the United States staging a murderous attempted coup in a half-assed means to hold power (for which he had a powerpoint and everything), as we transitioned to a new President. The new President’s agenda was immediately thwarted by his own party in a stupid attempt to impeach the last idiot. But then the new guy managed to pass his super-duper COVID relief package (only stripped of the $15 minimum wage) BECAUSE THE SENATE PARLIAMENTARIAN (as if that’s really even a thing). BTW, the stimulus check in that bill was $1,400 and not the $2,000 promised on the campaign trail. Let’s just say that stupid $600 is going to be a yuuuge issue in coming elections. But now it’s DEMOCRATS who seem to object to free money for the peasants.


Maybe some miracle will happen and our adolescent billionaire betters will get public spirited somehow. I thought I would leave you with a laugh as I send you my best wishes for the coming new year.

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