Tuesday, January 24, 2012

From Roger Fitch and our Friends down under at Justinian...

Sorry I am a little late posting this-but it is as timely as ever....

Happy birthday Gitmo

Milestones and millstones ... Guantánamo's tenth birthday, as Bill of Rights turns 220 ... National Defence Authorisation Act allows for exciting possibilities - including military detention of US civilians ... The new Reichstag Fire Decree ... Latest from US Supremes ... Habeas - British courts step-in where DC Circuit fears to tread
The US reached a milestone on December 15: 220 years since the adoption of its famous Bill of Rights
It's older than the French Droits de l'Homme of 1793.
Nevertheless, for reasons best left to historians, on "Bill of Rights Day" Congress suspended large chunks of the 10 amendments (and effectively, habeas corpus) in theNational Defence Authorisation Act .