Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Sorry Bob, but the times are not a changin just yet...

 As per my musical interlude in the last post, staying alive in this country of mine is truly difficult if you are not white. And no amount of police training will change that right now -- because the police follow their training (for the most part) when dealing with white people. They do not shoot and kill, stomp on our necks or other manner of torture and killing -- when you are white.  

The answer is difficult and it is made more difficult with the cute language for the alternative -- defund the police. The person that gave that alternative should be.. well anyway. 

It is not helpful to suggest defunding the police because the language scares the hell out of white people-- and unfortuately white people are in charge. We here in the US of A  live in a police militarized state and the enemy is people of color. Real change is extremely difficult but yesterdays verdict gives a modicum of hope.

My friend the Talking Dog has a great post on this issue here.