Tuesday, March 8, 2011

wimpy sack of shit

I was going to try to keep this professional....but screw it. He doesn't deserve anything more professional. Yesterday G W Obama officially reinstated the military commissions. In this fact sheet found here they actually try to claim that this is somehow an extension of his promise to close Guantanamo and reinstate the rule of law- the promise he made in an executive order the day after he took office. That is almost as shameful as his speech the other day calling for the end of tax breaks to the rich....right after he of course agreed to the deal to extend the tax breaks because of course....he is a weasel who knows nothing about leadership....and if he has any principles he sure is not willing to stand up for them.
You can find the newest piece of shit executive order here.
I am still reviewing all of this....trying to find a glimmer of hope but I don't really hold out much hope between this asshole of a president and a judiciary that has given up on checks and balances (and forget about congress).
Have I mentioned lately just how much I hate him?
It just goes on and on my friends.