Friday, April 11, 2008

Statement from the Dean of UC Berkeley Law School Re: John Yoo

Click on the title to read the statement from the Dean of the University of California law school.... the school where John Yoo, author of the torture memos, teaches aspiring lawyers.
Although I applaud the Dean for addressing the issue I don't believe the analysis was complete.

A criminal prosecution is quite a different standard than the standard used to retain a law license.

Stated differently, conduct that clearly demonstrates unfitness to continue to practice law surely must disqualify an individual from teaching law. If John Yoo were stripped of his license, which he should be because he is not fit to practice law, then he would surely have to be discharged from teaching regardless of whether he was criminally prosecuted or not...this man (and many others in the administration) should not have the honor of being referred to as an attorney…