Sunday, April 15, 2007


When the Supreme Court announced it would not hear the latest guantantamo cases.... at least not now... it opened the flood gates for the judges to start throwing our clients cases out of court... I filed documents this past week in a desperate attempt to keep my two cases alive because only by keeping the cases alive can I hope to keep one of my two clients alive. He is dying of hepatitis and not being treated. As the government said in response to one of my court filings...

with the upholding of the military commissions act by the appellate court and the supreme court's failure to take the issue, no court has any right now to question anything that goes on at Guantanamo anymore.....
It should make you shudder.

The attorneys for the guantanamo detainees have decided it is time to pay a visit to our senators and representatives. Join us on May 1st, make appointments to see your own representatives and tell them it is time to restore habeas corpus and close the place.

If you can't join us on May 1st, send emails, make phone calls, send faxes, send telegrams.... and send primroses. Why primroses?

When my clientMr. Al-Ghizzawi was explaining to me his early years at Guantanamo, he told me about a flower that had appeared outside his cage in the spring of 2002. Just one little flower poking its beautiful leaves and petals out of the sand. He was describing the flower to me, but I couldn’t quite figure out what kind of flower it was. He called it a primrose and maybe it was. He said to me “I am like that little flower. It didn’t belong there…. I don’t belong here either.”