Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Khadr's Attorneys (updated)

Khadr, the Canadian that we have been holding since he was 15 years old, should be sent back to Canada... and a few weeks ago it looked like that was ready to happen. Now there seems to be a new twist: at least some of Khadr's attorneys (the military attorneys) have been barred from seeing him... . This is very distressing news, it is difficult enough for anyone held at Guantanamo to have confidence in anything that is going on... and having some of your attorneys taken away without an explanation can be the last straw to the already frail mental health of the prisoner(s). Seems the controversy stems from criticism by Khadr's military attorneys about the cozy relationship that the prosecution attorneys are attempting with the new Obama people.
The military has long been out of control at Guantanamo and with this development we know that will not end soon.
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