Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Breaking news......

Seems the military has decided that canceling the civilian airline was maybe just a little over the top- even for them. Civilian flights are reinstated through the end of the year.

While Obama Continues to Bury his Head in the Sand

The hunger strike continues and the men are dying. Of course it is impossible to get a straight answer from the military so we MUST rely on the news from the men, the lawyers and of course the young soldiers who are watching this from the front lines and leaking the information out. At a certain point the military starts to force feeds the hunger strikers and that involves restraining the men in a specially made chair and then putting a tube down their nose -down their throat and into their stomach-(if there are no mistakes, they have been known to miss the stomach and puncture the throat and lungs....) and then they pour Ensure down the tube- it is a painful process and one that is fraught with medical peril. One detainee has been engaged in a hunger strike for 8 (yes 8) years- he can only be forced fed through one nostril as the other collapsed long ago. He is in wretched condition but that hasn't been enough to get the military to send him somewhere where he could be helped....so don't expect much for the rest of these men. Right now the military is only admitting to resorting to the force-feeding process for a dozen men- of course we don't know what they can do with a mass hunger strike like they are witnessing now- in the past the hunger strikers were force fed twice a day- it is hard to imagine that the military has the capability to provide this torture regime to a mass hunger strike. We know that some men have been hospitalized in recent days and it is only a matter of time before we have the first fatality.
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