Thursday, January 10, 2019

An insiders look at Gitmo....

What does the naval station at Guantánamo Bay look like? How does it feel to visit the men detained in the prison? Just two of the questions our Advocacy Program Manager Aliya Hussain asked Senior Staff Attorney Wells Dixon and Senior Managing Attorney Shayana Kadidal in “Close and personal with Guantánamo,” the 10th episode of “The Activist Files.” Wells and Shayana have been working with clients in Gitmo for more than a decade and give us an insider look into what Guantánamo was and what it has become.
From the food options on the island to the experience of meeting a client for the first time while having to deliver them shocking news, our lawyers explain why it’s crucial to keep fighting against the continued indefinite detention of Muslim men detained at Guantánamo without charge or fair trial.
TOMORROW IN WASHINGTON, D.C.: Join us for two important events to mark the 17th anniversary of the prison’s opening: Congressional briefing on Guantánamo and afternoon rally to close Guantánamo and call for a stop to the cruelty, fear, racism, and Islamophobia perpetuated by this administration.