Saturday, September 1, 2012

From Roger Fitch and our Friends down under at Justinian

The President's right to kill Americans

Clients at the Bay ... Everyone's getting tired of "targeted killings" by the "serial assassin" ... Brits pay compo to resident mistreated at Gitmo ... How to make cases go away ... DoJ drops Goldman Sachs prosecution ... Huge public disapproval of Congress ... Roger Fitch reports from Washington 
THE Pentagon wants to curtail Guantánamo counsel's access to their clients once they lose DC habeas cases.
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Lawyers are likely to learn new things, and it's inconvenient when they put to use what they learn. 
The government still claims every word a detainee utters is a secret, presumptively classified from the moment spoken.
It's a contention presently being contested by the ACLU in Guantánamo's "9/11" trial. 
The Pentagon worries that talk about rendition and torture, sorry, "detention and treatment," could cause "exceptionally grave damage".
Quite so: to the government and its staged military prosecutions. 
To be on the safe side, the Obama administration now claims the bare right to counselexpires after habeas cases are adjudicated. 
The New York Times called the action unconstitutional, and a disapproving op-ed appeared in the Washington Post.
DC Chief Judge Royce Lamberth heard the matter and seemed unpersuaded by the government's arguments.
All of the lawyers have security clearances (so do 4.8 million others in the US), so what's the problem?