Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jose Padilla- an american citizen tortured on american soil

I would be amiss in not addressing the disgraceful decision of the Judge in Jose Padilla's case to increase his sentence to 30 years. I will let Andy Worthington tell the story while I hang my head in shame at all of the judges involved in this case. Every American should be ashamed of what happened to this man but instead the American public just keeps the blinders on...

Obama's new rules on detainee detention--- giving a thumbs up on abusive tactics

Jeff Kaye has this summary of new department of defense directives for prisoners like the Guantanamo prisoners. The last version was dated back in 2006 so if anyone had doubts that Obama does not own Guantanamo this should put that assertion to rest.

A summary of Jeff's article by Jeff--

The new directive expands upon what “humane treatment” means for those caught in its “detainee program.” It also adds an item about the collection of biometric identification information (BII). Such information “will be collected from all detainees in accordance with DoDD 8521.01E.” In addition, it includes a statement of how long a detainee can be held, which appears to operationalize Obama’s policy of indefinite detention of detainees. Finally, the directive greatly expands on the issue of who can be held, how charges can be brought against detainees, and what procedures are necessary for a detainee’s release. (This article will not cover the very last item.)

Steve Vladek at Just Security has more here.