Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Perhaps we should use boats? UPDATED

Just to make sure that our clients do not have the benefit of attorneys the new powers to be at Guantanamo have ruled that the planes that most of us take to and from Gitmo can no longer fly to the base. Perhaps it is because they don't want us reporting on the hunger strike as Jim White over at emptywheel suggests here. Perhaps it is part of the year long struggle we have been having with the powers to be in which they tried to rewrite the protective order making it so that many of the attorneys could only visit the base at the discretion of the military....I covered that story here.
Or maybe it is simply because Obama has given up on closing the base and hopes that if we attorneys (and reporters) have enough trouble getting there maybe the coverage of Guantanamo will disappear.
We have not put in this much time to just go quietly into the night.....

Carol Rosenberg has more here...

Jim White has more here on the ludicrous claims of the military who are trying to undermine the seriousness of the hunger strike by claiming the men are "sneaking" food...sigh. They are full of shit and they just can't help themselves.