Saturday, January 31, 2015

Chart showing Gitmo population from when Obama took office to today...January 31, 2015

Thanks to fellow Gitmo Attorney Brian Foster for keeping the numbers up to date for all of us.  You can view his complete chart here.

FROM 242 TO 122
Population as of 1/20/2009
Transfers to U.S. for prosecution
     1 (Ghailani)
Transfers to Italy for prosecution
     4 (Mabrouk, Nasri, two others)
Transfers of detainees not previously approved for transfer
     5 (Afghans to Qatar)
Transfers to other countries for various purposes
Transfers following conviction in military commission
     3 (Qosi, Khadr, Mohammed)
     4 (Hanashi, Gul, Nassim, Latif)
Population as of 1/31/2015