Thursday, March 19, 2020

We will take whatever good news we can....

yesterday a once accused Al Queda Sympathizer was released after 17 years in prison. His conviction was thrown out and he has agreed to leave the country and head back to Pakistan. The short version is that he was granted a new trial when evidence came forward questioning the government's case. The government was ordered to go through all of the potential new evidence and provide his attorney's with any and all potentially exculpatory information. Seems that the DOJ couldn't quite get around to going through all of the evidence and with a trial set for next week the government agreed not to retry him.  The man's father is being held at Guantanamo and I am just betting that the father is being held based on the same flimsy evidence and that the father also had this exculpatory evidence withheld. Of course the whole system of disclosures is different in the Guantanamo context... where the rules on what needs to be disclosed are loose to say the least.
Anyway you can read the story here.
H/O to Mr. Paracha's great attorneys - Ramzi Kassem and Josh Dratel.