Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New on Huffington Post:

Candace has a new piece on Huffington Post; consider it an opportunity to expand your Latin lexicon. Caveat auditor, "let the listener beware" is a good principle to keep in mind when listening to the Bush administration's drivel...but does it go far enough?

These guys are a piece of work....

The note posted above is the government's response to Candace's request that her Libyan client, Mr. Al-Ghizzawi, be moved from Camp 6 to a different facility.

Candace's Libyan client, Mr. Al-Ghizzawi, is being held in Guantánamo's newest (and cruelest) prison complex. Inmates at Camp 6 are subjected to prolonged, psychologically devastating isolation and can go weeks without access to natural light. They are sometimes invited to take outdoor recreation time late at night or in the wee hours of the morning. (Read more about Camp 6 here.)

Furthermore, the prisoners are kept perpetually cold, making them pine for the days when they were kept in open cages as tropical storms rolled overhead.

The government's response is typical; a bold-faced denial of the problem and a brief dismissal.
- Adrian Bleifuss Prados
P.S. from H. Candace Gorman:

FYI- I redacted the name of the military attorney that sent me this response, not because I wanted to protect his identity, (I don't really care) but because he is so low level that it is clear this was not his decision. I suspect that the exact wording of his response came from his superior Major McCarthy... more on him later.