Saturday, October 9, 2010

Catching up....updated....

Well I still haven't gotten to the trial that is supposed to prove to us why we should turn our backs on our court system and adopt military law but here are a few updates to the important story from Dafna Linzer:

I have been buried preparing for my remaining clients habeas hearing which I had hoped would be next week but on monday I found out it will not be until let me try to catch up.

This will take a few days but I will start with Dafna Linzer's two pieces in Pro Publica:

Link directly to story:

Link directly to the sidebar:

The fact that things are being kept from the public...not because they involve National Security but because they are embarrassing to our country has been a problem since this litigation began....what is even more disturbing in these two articles is that a judge actually rewrote his opinion to placate the government and in the process took out some very important facts that puts this case in perspective. The government has been abusing the classification system for a long time but it got ten times worse in the late fall of 2008. From that point on there is very little on the public docket about our cases.

Tomorrow I will get up to speed on the Gitmo trial going on in New York...........