Tuesday, April 5, 2016


The prison population now stands at 89: 35 are cleared, 44 are awaiting clearance, and 10 are in the military commission system (of those, 7 are in “active” “trial” proceedings while 3 have been “convicted”).

Of the 35 cleared, 30 (85.7%) are Yemenis and 5 are non-Yemenis. 

Of the 44 awaiting clearance, 19 are Yemenis and 25 are non-Yemenis.

PRB Data

The PRB has approved for transfer 20 of the 25 detainees for whom it has issued decisions (80.0%).

Of the 44 detainees who are PRB-eligible and still awaiting clearance:

·        Five were denied clearance in their initial appearance before the PRB and are in various stages of file review (ISNs 28, 29, 242, 522) or getting a subsequent full review (ISN 131);
·        Four have had their initial hearings and are awaiting decision (ISNs 508, 569, 1094, 1457);
·        12 are officially in the PRB process with scheduled hearing dates (ISNs 27, 63, 753, 760, 762, 837, 838, 840, 841, 975, 1453, 1463);
·        23 are not yet officially in the PRB process.

For these purposes, a detainee is “officially in the PRB process” when he has received formal notification of the process and has been assigned a PRB hearing date, based on either (a) the detainee appearing (even if only temporarily) on the PRB web page tracking individual detainees’ proceedings, (b) my personal knowledge regarding our PRB-eligible clients, or (c) information provided to me by counsel for other PRB-eligible detainees.

Cleared Detainee Data

23 of the 35 cleared detainees currently at the base were cleared by the Obama Task Force.  The other 12 were cleared by the PRB, which means 8 PRB-cleared detainees have been release.

Specifically, of the 35 cleared:

17 are Yemenis approved for “conditional detention” by the Obama Task Force
3 are Yemenis approved for transfer by the Obama Task Force (ISNs 153, 249, 566)
3 are non-Yemenis approved for transfer by the Obama Task Force (ISNs 38 (Tunisia), 257 (Tajikistan), 309 (unknown/UAE))

2 are Yemenis approved for “conditional detention” by the PRB (ISNs 31, 37)
8 are Yemenis approved for transfer by the PRB (ISNs 41, 128, 235, 324, 434, 441, 576, 836)
2 are non-Yemenis approved for transfer by the PRB (ISNs 1045 (Afghanistan), 1119 (Afghanistan).

H/O to fellow Gitmo attorney Brian Foster for keeping track of all of this.


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