Monday, January 13, 2014

I was in DC over the weekend but unfortunately I was not able to participate in this amazing protest because I was busy preparing an en banc petition for my client at the "secure facility"-- the place where those of us who represent detainees must prepare our court papers. But take a look at this protest: Vowing to “Make Guantanamo History,” human rights advocates from around the country marked the beginning of the thirteenth year of torture and indefinite detention at the prison camp with a dramatic protest at the National Museum of American History. 150 activists occupied the atrium of the crowded museum for more than two hours, speaking out against torture and calling for Guantanamo to close. The activists hung banners, stood in stress positions in hoods and jumpsuits, spoke to the tourists, and with their bodies and voices revised the museum’s “Price of Freedom” exhibit to include twelve years of torture and indefinite detention as the bitter cost of the United States’ misguided pursuit of “national security.” If you are having trouble viewing this go to this website for the full story.