Sunday, January 28, 2018

A few things going on....

But unfortunately none of it is good.

First, Pardiss explains why we filed the motions in our habeas cases..."there has been absolutely no movement on Guantanamo at all" ... since Trump became president. Read her interview here.
(h/o to Walt)

Shortly after Pardiss's interview ended up in my in box two quite distressing stories followed:

First- a leaked document from the Trump people- Trump plans to sign an executive order to keep Guantanamo open. more here. More symbolic perhaps than anything else but it confirms that Trump has no intention on working to release the men that remain "detained" without charge.

Then, we learned that the men and women who worked on Guantanamo issues during the Obama administration (at the state department) are being retaliated against and after getting no relief through internal channels have now obtained their own attorneys: "A growing number of State Department employees are charging they are being put in career purgatory because of their previous work on policy priorities associated with President Barack Obama and in offices the Trump administration is interested in closing."

Read the rest here.

Apparently a few of our senators are looking into this retaliation.... I'm sure that will go far (not).