Monday, October 5, 2009

More hidden torture tapes

The order by this Judge is particularly disturbing given the allegations that the judge concedes in the opinion... I guess we are supposed to be happy for the crumbs.
As the prisoner involved in this decision actually made accusations regarding one of my two clients I am grateful for the tiny crack that allows some of the light in...but disgusted by a judiciary that continues to fear opening the window to the known and widespread abuse. Exactly what is it they are afraid of?
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From Roger Fitch and our friends down under at Justinian

Roger Fitch Esq • October 2, 2009

Our Man in Washington

Roger Fitch traces the last gasp of the Guantánamo military commissions … Government continues to ignore court orders … Habeas appeals abound … And civil torture suits gather pace

McClatchy News has more on Kiyemba I, while Andy Worthington reports the significance of the DC Circuit’s Kiyemba II mandate.

The first of only eight habeas cases lost on the merits by Guantánamo detainees is now on appeal to the DC circuit, while the government is appealing a few of the 30 it has lost.


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Did you say X-Ray?

I don't even know where to start with this one.... so many of are clients are accused of saying damaging things to interrogators in the early years at Guantanamo and our attempts to get actual tapes of the conversations to review the translations are often denied by the judges as "fishing expeditions"....
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