Sunday, May 12, 2013


Listen to what I say.....not what I do......

A stupid little lying pervert of a man....

No, I am not talking about Obama--I don't have any evidence that Obama is a pervert- no, I am talking about Col. Bogdan the current commander of the Guantanamo task force. Bogdan is the tough guy wannabe who oversaw the men's Qorans searched back in February---I guess things were just a tad too quiet and the little man was hoping for a bit more excitement in his current assignment. The search resulted in a hunger strike- now at least 130 of the 166 men are on a hunger strike- many of the men have been on that strike since February. The little man and his friends tried as hard as he could to play down the number of hunger strikers but as it sometimes happens- the truth- this time about the size of the hunger strike, found its way out of our gulag.
The search of the Qorans which led to the hunger strike took place right around the same time microphones were discovered in the Camp Echo meeting rooms- these are the rooms we attorneys are forced to use to meet with our clients. It apparently irritated the little man that word got out about the microphones and about the real size of the hunger strike. So, the little man decided to add to his credibility by claiming that he only just learned about the microphones-coincidently- right about the same time the microphones were discovered.... and oh yeah, the little man also claimed that no one was listening to the attorney conversations that were taking place in the rooms with the microphones. 
The little man is apparently also a lying sack of shit.
With word out about the new horrors at the camp the International Red Cross made a visit to see first-hand. The lying little man, apparently enraged that the international red cross delegates came on the scene to see just WTF he was doing to the detainees at the base, oversaw the camp raid hours after the delegates left the base. The lying little man even approved the unarmed hunger strikers being shot at- with rubber bullets. All of our clients were placed in solitary confinement- where they remain to this day. They are allowed two hours outside- but they are back to the caged outdoor time- with only two men outside at a time. I remember those days when my other client, the one who is now a free man, was housed like that under Bush- he deteriorated quickly (mentally and physically) under those conditions.
But the strike continues. The men though weakened physically are strong in their resolve. 
The lying little man apparently next decided that it was the attorneys that are the problem (not his treatment of the men, his violation of the constitution, court orders, various treaties or military laws) and therefore it became the lying little man's new job to find ways to keep the attorneys out of Guantanamo-- so he approved the pulling of the contract for the small commuter plane that we use to get to the base from Fort Lauderdale.  Fortunately the lying little man is stupid too- it is not just the attorneys who use those planes. The stupid lying little man was forced to reinstate the contract.
Stuck with us attorneys still being allowed onto the base it was next announced that the attorneys could no longer use the military flights into and out of the base. (Some attorneys would fly one way on the military flights and one way on the commuter plane-so as not to spend an entire week at the base.) With this new rule we can only fly on the commuter plane-which runs on Mondays and Fridays. What this of course means is that for many of us who only have one client at the base we have to spend an entire week at the base for a one day visit (showing again how stupid the lying little man is---why would he want all of us attorneys hanging out at the base for an entire week at a time?)  Fortunately we are a tough bunch and those of us that can take the week off have been down at the base regularly.
This of course has apparently pissed off the stupid lying little man even more. So the stupid lying little man gave some thought about what else he might do to keep the attorneys away- and word has it that the new- really perverted idea- came from him:
"About two weeks ago, the military made a shocking threat: A detainee who wants to leave his camp for any reason is subject to a body search that includes searches of his genitals."
So the stupid lying little man is a pervert too. Big surprise, huh? And as perverts are want to do the stupid little lying pervert of a man found what he hopes is the perfect threat to the Muslim men at Guantanamo- having their testicles subject to a physical exam if they want to visit with their attorneys---because, oh yeah, I forgot to add the fact that attorney visits are no longer allowed to take place at the camps where the men are housed- we can now only meet at Camp Echo---the place with the microphones. 
And so I wonder- will this outrage be enough to get even one of those judges in DC to stop acting as a doormat for the Department of Defense and Department of "justice?" 
Stay tuned---but don't hold your breath.

For Razak's mother and the mothers of all the men at Guantanamo