Tuesday, February 5, 2008


Unfortuantely Al-Ghizzawi's saga is not the only travesty at guantanamo and so I point you to todays Story about the man who died of cancer at the base on or about December 30, 2007: Abdul Razzaq Hekmati.
Hekmati was an Afghani hero who fought against the russians and the taliban and even helped some current afghani government officials escape from a taliban prison... in return some taliban members duped the americans into thinking Hekmati was either taliban or al-queda... and off he went to guantanamo... Despite lots of real evidence that he was on the same side as us... he remained at guantanamo until his death and even in death the military continues to lie about who he was... calling him a "jihadist"
You can read the entire story on Andy Worthington's webpage by clicking on the title above... but I leave you with this.. Hekmati died of colon cancer... one of the slowest moving cancers... according to the military he complained of pains in September and died a few short months later... given Al-GHizzawi's years long request for medical care we know that the military ignored Hekmati's condition until it was too late to save him...


Linda G. Richard said...


Let me know when you find out. I will update his profile.

Being an American means being deathly ashamed in this day and age. I talk to a lot of people from other countries, and when they ask me where I'm from I always hesitate in telling them. That's a sad thing. But that's what happens. People don't understand how we can let "our" government do these things.

I wonder myself, sometimes. Since I have been doing the profiles I have noticed that the biggest percentage of people - as you said - are not awake, but still living in a dreamworld where everything is rosy.

Following some of the stories, Omar Khadr is a good example, the only news I can really find is overseas. Once it trickles down to US news it's spun! It bears no resemblance to other news sources.

Anything I can do to help, you know where to find me. Again, bless you for what you are doing! May God give you the strength you need during what has to be the most trying circumstances ever.


Steve Updyke said...

Candace, Your piece is a powerful inditment of Bush & his cronnies. Their actions, I know, will someday lead to their prosecution, thanks to you and others like you. I have one correction though for your story; While clearly a great many Americans either dont care or naively believe the lies of Bush & Co., I, among many Americans, have opposed these actions from day one. Furthermore,we do care about the injusstices being commited in the name of America. We all look forward to the day when those responsible are held to account for their criminal actions. we also look forward to the day when America once again acts according to its principals. Hopefully dark days such as when a Vice President purposefully portrays himself as a Darth Vader and talks about having to sometimes use the dark side will never happen again! Prosecution and prison time for everyone involved should be mandatory. Keep up the great work. Steve Updyke