Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tear it Down

Click on the title for Amnesty's latest call to close Guantanamo.


Mohin Zaman Kiani said...

I want to comment on the last address of Bush..There is no such title under which i could do that but with sorry i am discussing it in a bit here.
Hypocrite says
"People criticize my decisions but don't appreciate the consequences.In seven years there haven't been an event of terrorism in USA.I would like to thank people who made it happen"

First of all he(the biggest terrorist ever) inflicted personal war on Iraq and killed innocent 1307319 civilains in Iraq.He let 3000 Americans to die there.He permitted torture on guiltless people in GITMO.He wounded American prestige morally .A person who did so much in 7 years really deserves our appreciations.Holy shit!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting that. I'm a semi-long term lurker of your blog. Good work.

H. Candace Gorman said...

Yes Mohin, The worlds number one terrorist, George W. Bush, wants us to think it was necessary and good to destroy Iraq and its people. He should be tried as a war criminal. I don't believe in the death penalty (even for war criminals) so I think after he is found guilty he should be sentenced to a prison set up in in a manner that he thinks is fair and just... a prison modeled after camp 6 in Guantanamo. GW has claimed that this is not only a humane prison, but state of the art...He should have no complaints!

Mohin Zaman Kiani said...

Yes Candace you have given idea of the most pragmatic punishment he deserves. But I really feel ashamed after accepting him as human. I wish if we could dig the mouse Osama meanwhile then both brothers would stay happy there. I would like to share this link.

After committing so hideous acts what does he say? I would like to say this person is incorrigible.
I am watching right now press conference of Tzipi livni and Rice. Why America is showing so much biasness in this whole matter. As a Muslim I would like to know your view as an American. Will Infiltrating Palestinians while providing Israel the most lethal weapons help the world? Right now she is signing a document which says that it will be ensured that Gaza will never be used as launching pad to attack Israel. There is nothing written in the document which asks Israel to stop killing innocent people. I would recommend you a documentary Occupation 101 in this regard.

Mohin Zaman Kiani said...

Please see refrence of Eric's statement in the link as well as pantagon's recent official announcement...I hope Obama will bell this cat.