Monday, December 4, 2006

December 10th-11th: Dress in Orange

On December 10th and 11th, in honor of International Human Rights Day, take a stand against the legalization of torture. Spend the whole day wearing what Guantanamo detainees have to wear everyday. Dress in the orange jumpsuit, hood, shackles, etc. Wear it to school. Wear it to work. Wear it to church or religious services.

Link to the organizers' website here.

1 comment: said...

i donned the orange torture jumpsuits 2 days DEC 9TH
AND DEC10 2006 in honor of human rights the constitution and my right to do SOMETHING TO EDUCATE PEOPLE IN PHX ARIZONA
day# 1 i just carried on with errands and tried to do all my monthly chores in a few hours to get a wide range of attention
post office, libraries, local markets,visit my neighbor at the hospice,attended 2 major fundraisers vets 4 peace had a major toy drive in conjunction w/ Rosie's Pub and AIR AMERICA 1480am
MANY people inquired if i were a painter or did i work with HAZ mats?
i had informational facts sheets !!
it made a big difference in that i had conversations to inform folks of what our policy makers are really saying NOT JUST SOUND bites