Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Digest:

  • Today's NY Times has a strong editorial praising the Canadian Supreme Court's decision striking down a law that allowed the Canadian government to indefinately detain terrorism suspects without charge.

  • Yesterday, Human Rights Watch released a report that listed dozens of individuals who have been detained by the United States but whose whereabouts are currently unknown. HRW calls on the Bush administration to "provide a full accounting" for the fate of these persons. (UPI)

  • The Guardian reports that a collection of poetry written by Guantánamo inmates will be published in August by the University of Iowa Press.

  • David Hick's Australian attorney's sue Prime Minister Howard's government.

  • From earlier this month, a former Guantánamo guard rekindles a friendship with Moazzam Begg, ex-inmate, author and spokesman for Caged Prisoners.

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A.J said...

John Howard is an embarrassment to the country and a lap dog of George Bush.