Monday, April 30, 2007

Get Ready for Tomrrow's Call-In! gets the word out!

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The Law Office of H. Candace Gorman said...

I want to thank everyone for taking the time today to contact their senators and members of congress. All day long as the gitmo attorneys were heading from congressional office to office we heard that the congressional members themselves were hearing from record numbers of their constituents and that they were being told the message that guantanamo must be closed and habeas corpus must be restored. Many senators and congressional representatives were surprised at the numbers of constituents they were hearing from. It is to each of you that we (the attorneys and the detainees) owe both our thanks and our support.
Someone told me (or I read) that when congress receives a call (or two) they ignore it... when they receive 100 calls they start to think and after 100 calls they know they better act..
I hope that our members of congress received more than 100 calls today and that they know now that it is time to act.
It is only with the pressure from each of us that justice will prevail. Please keep up this battle. I assure you that we, the habeas counsel, will do our part.