Sunday, May 20, 2007


I applaud the 2/3’s of the Harvard Law School Class of 1982 for speaking out publicly against their classmate. I would have liked to have been a fly on the wall as that letter was being drafted….fifty six lawyers from Harvard drafting a letter…. And they still managed to get it out in a timely fashion. That alone is a wonder.

I am not one of Gonzales’ Harvard classmates. I graduated from the John Marshall Law School in Chicago six months after Gonzales graduated from Harvard Law School. I admit that it is not a remarkable fact that I am calling for Gonzales’ resignation. In fact, I feel certain that no one will be surprised that I do not think his resignation is enough. Gonzales is the man that said yes to torture, yes to indefinite detention, yes to the illegal surveillance of American citizens… and yes to a bunch of things we still don’t know about and a bunch of things I am forgetting… but we know that there is more illegal/immoral conduct lurking behind the bushes, because frankly, Gonzales is just that type of criminal "yes man."

Gonzales must be tried for his crimes and he must be punished. If we are to preserve our constitution it is time for everyone to step up to the plate and demand that Gonzales be removed from the position of Attorney General. Please call your senators on Monday and demandthat Gonzales be removed from office.


Anonymous said...

We should never forget the Texas Clemency Memos of Mr. Gonzales or how "quaint" he thinks some of the rules of the Geneva Convention have become, now that we are fighting the Boogeyman.

the talking dog said...

He's a sideshow; an abomination in his own right to be sure, but mostly, just a yes-man for even more monstrous people. Let's not forget just whose pleasure--and I do mean PLEASURE-- Alberto Gonzales serves at. Gonzales is merely the scab of a national wound that has festered and gone septic a long time ago. Whether he resigns, or not.