Wednesday, November 21, 2007


The Arab Organisation for Human Rights has released a claim that 50 Gitmo detainees suffer from TB... the military claims that the men do not want to be treated...
funny thing that military... they can claim anything they want because no one is allowed to question what they say.
The military told Mr. Al-Ghizzawi's judge that he did not want to be treated too... unfortunately that particular judge chose to believe the military rather than the dying Mr. Al-Ghizzawi.
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Anonymous said...

They deserve TB and anything else they happen to get infected with.
My sentiment is that of most Americans...Let them all ROT.
This blog is disgusting liberal and Anti-American.

imsmall said...


They put a bag upon my head
To bring me to the prison. There
On meager fare so I was fed,
The circumstances very spare.

One very prized of their techniques
As happened more than days and weeks
To tie a cinch around the penis:
So they would laugh when they had seen us;

Or they would urinate upon one,
And varied were the tortures done one,
Backdrop of other prisoners
Wailing in torment, theirs yet worse.

There was the sound of barking dogs
And we were treated less than hogs,
Till, after two years, give a day
Or take, so I was sent away:

Since I was not a terrorist
Nor from the outset did resist,
I wonder what the purpose was,
Why someone does the things he does.

An Arab, so I was a target,
This I believe; while men in war get
Treated to cruel injustices,
But never had I thought of this:

That the United States in turn
From petty dictators would learn,
But so, in all the world´s esteem
Must vanish fanciful that dream,

That former vision of a place
Where rule of law but men did trace
Within their actions, all beneath
The law. That image comes to death.

The soldiers took directives from
Men without uniform, as come
From private enterprising firms,
So I have learned, who set the terms.

Me they injected with syringe,
Stripped naked, and it makes me cringe
To think--who knows what it was for?--
I can´t have children anymore.

Ah, USA,
The stories are so many,
You threw away
A good name for a penny--
How ever shall
You get back reputation?
No, once let fall,
Though it were deputation,
It never will come back;
Derailed from virtue´s track.