Wednesday, November 14, 2007


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Abraham's second affidavit focuses on the fact that the if you are going to create an organization that will have a primarily legal responsibility, require access to vast amounts of intelligence, be able to coordinate with national and international agencies, hold hearings, and report findings, many of which will require international coordiation...

then why do you create an organization with:

... no direct connections to the intelligence organizations
... no direct connections to foreign agencies or activities
... no budget for coordination or foreign travel (witnesses, etc.)
... no integrated expertise in matters of intelligence coordination
... no high level/order intelligence information architecture
... a timeline for performance that all but precludes a deliberately paced proceeding
... an engineer as the commander
... an aviator/facilities engineer as the second in command
... no dedicated experienced intelligence staff
... no minimum standards of subject matter competence or experience for staff members
... a 2-week training program (yeah, right, like that really happened...)

unless you have bought into the law of intended consequences.

Thank you Stephen for blowing the whistle on these liars at the pentagon and state department.

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