Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Today I received a letter from Mr. Al-Ghizzawi in which he informs me that he has recently seen a doctor and the doctor informed him that he has AIDs. It will take some time for me to confirm this information as the government is reluctant to give out any information to the prisoners or their attorneys but you can bet I will be doing everything I can to find out the truth. In August 2006 the government admitted that Al-Ghizzawi had Hep. B and TB but said nothing about HIV or Aids but Al-Ghizzawi has long suspected that he was infected with the disease during a routine blood test.


Taliba al-Quran said...


I am sending my du'aa and asking others to do the same. Lots of prayers will be going out for him tonight, and until he returns.

Thanks and bless you!

Anonymous said...

My God; that's truly awful news. Mr. Al-Ghizzawi has my prayers and hopes for the best.