Friday, March 21, 2008

American War Crimes....

--(hats off to Robert for sending me this....)

The latest is that the torturer of Khadr (the canadian kid who was 15 when we picked him up and sent him to Guantanamo) is being offered immunity in order to be a witness for the prosecution

Lets hope some of the media will connect the dots as to what that means: that perhaps there was something irregular about his questioning if the interrogator had to get immunity from criminal prosecution in order to talk about it.

At least the officer freely admitted he was considering committing murder and a war crime, which may prove helpful for pattern behaviour testimony in some other extrajudicial military murder case...and it seems the lawyers for Khadr are now going to argue that it was the American soldiers who should be charged with war crimes

And then there is this astonishing story

No wonder that the Canadian Supreme Court is about to get involved

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