Friday, July 18, 2008

Back From Guantanamo

I am back from another trip to our gulag and I am angry. The following is from the status report I filed with the judge this morning:

Al-Ghizzawi, this mild mannered man whose "crime" was to be an Arab in Afghanistan when the U.S. offered substantial bounties without asking questions and without verifying the identity of men turned over, has now been put in a position of being forced to yell and pound on his windowless solitary confinement door to plead the military to open the little hatch in his cell door to allow some air (from the hallway not the outdoors) into his tiny cell. A plea that, by the way, has not been ignored but instead callously denied. Finally, out of desperation this past weekend, Al-Ghizzawi told counsel that he took his skin medicine (it wasn’t helping his severe itching anyway) put it in his drinking water and threatened to drink the tainted liquid if he was not given some kind of medical care for his new breathing problem and his other severe health problems.



fionmacool said...

The world is disgusted at the U.S. government continuing to ignore reality. You can't treat people like this, unless of course you want another 9-11.

One wonders if that is what they want- more excuses to fight their dirty wars.

Other governments aren't much better admittedly. The Irish government are still allowing the CIA bring torture victims through our airports, claiming that we have no right to search their aircraft. Like hell we don't.

atlanticwriter said...

Keep promoting these inconvenient truths.

Thank you.