Sunday, October 5, 2008

Circuit Court

Well no sooner did I write about the lack of movement by our courts when the Circuit Court decided to throw out Al-Ghizzawi's appeal for medical care and for his medical records. As his first of two appeals on the same issue was filed almost 2 years ago I guess I cannot feign surprise. Seems the appellate court does n0t think they have jurisdiction (despite the Supreme Court's holding in Boumediene) but hey, they go on to say that even if they did have jurisdiction Al-Ghizzawi has not shown irreparable harm in not getting medical care...sigh.
I guess that is because he is still alive.
It is clear... only by dying can Al-Ghizzawi show the irreparable harm necessary to convince the court.
Well I guess it is time to try the Supreme Court again.

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Marina Handwerk said...

I'm sorry, that's horrible. Good luck with the Supreme Court.