Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Links to gitmo stories (updated)

(Thanks to Charley Gittings. For the link to the Greenwald story and the added information about Salon...It is nice to know I can still read it!)
So much in the news and so little time! Hats off to Kaptain Kanada for the following links on gitmo related issues. A few were covered here on the blog but these new versions add some interesting elements so I am including them anyway.





The Kaptain also sent me the Glenn Greenwald story from Salon about the establishment for the first time of an active military unit on US soil. I let my subscription to Salon lapse (necessary cost cutting!) so I cannot link to it but it is an important read so try to find it if you can. If you live in the US you should be worried about this development which is not only being under reported but is not being addressed or discussed by our "political leaders."

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Charles Gittings said...

This is the link, they just make you watch an ad if you aren't a subcriber...

Glenn Greenwald
Monday Oct. 27, 2008 11:12 EDT
Salon Radio: ACLU on the U.S. Army's domestic deployment