Thursday, October 16, 2008

Update on Released Algerian and Gossip about other releases...

I reported last week about the release of two men from Guantanamo but I had scant information about Algerian Mammar Ameur. I have now received more information from his counsel. Mammar (ISN 939) was housed in Camp IV and had been cleared for transfer since Nov. 4, 2005. He is now home with his family.
Those paying attention should be shocked that this man has sat in the hell hole we call Guantanamo for three years awaiting our inept State Department to get around to his release.

In other news it seems that the government is trying to get rid of as many men as possible as soon as possible. Notices (under seal) are flying left and right on the court web service. Why are they under seal? Because our courts have allowed this administration to get away with abusing this process.... the notices are advising the court that a transfer is under way. If counsel is lucky and has an order in place to let them know about the transfer they can try to step in and stop the transfer if it is to a country that might treat the client the same or worse than the US... BUT some of the judges have refused such an order...sigh.

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