Sunday, December 28, 2008

Is Gates guilty of perjury?

Andy Worthington discusses the affidavit that was provided to habeas counsel from Gates (click on the title). Maybe this comes down to the word "encountered"? One thing that is sure is that we have not received exculpatory information for our clients (information that would tend to show they are not guilty). So far we have been left to our own investigations for proving our clients innocence but it is a legal obligation that the government give us the exculpatory information. Will the "justice departments" tactics change on January 20th? One can only hope.

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Mohin Zaman Kiani said...

I will hope and pray that practices of justice department of U.S get change on January 20.What if otherwise happens? I would like to know about your comments. I am really afraid after reading phrase “Nothing has changed,” by Stafford Smith, lawyer of Mohammed.

Third world people have put much faith in Obama after so many years of W’s atrocities. Throughout the Muslim world, people have welcomed America’s choice, and the pessimism was transformed into hope and anticipation that a new course in foreign policy would be charted by Obama’s administration. In essence, Muslims regard US policies as responsible for the trust gap between the United States and the Islamic world. In the West, opinions concerning the cause for the gap with the Muslim world are more mixed.

Obama is like ray of hope in dark ages. His decision on such subtle matters will mean a lot about his forthcoming policy.We believe strongly that our American brothers have made right choice. Obama’s selection of Attorney General, Eric Holder seems admirable as we see record of Mr. Holder. May his earlier comments and forthcoming actions bring the Justice Department on right path? Let’s see where Obama leads us.