Sunday, January 11, 2009

Obama on Closing Gitmo....Sigh.

It's hard work. hmmm, where did I hear that line before?
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Manuel Miles said...

Forgive me, but...


The Democrats and Republicans are just two wings of the exact same vulture. Both are fascist. For "change you can believe in" you need to abandon the welfare/warfare state and work for libertarianism.

Until then, it's just endless rounds of changes of face only.

Google "The Libertarian Enterprise" and read L. Neil Smith's current columns on the solution to the problem of rampaging Big Government.

Vigilante said...

OK, Let's open this can of worms.

What if there was an enduring need for indefinite custody of certain perps (or suspected perps) of international terrorist stripe.

What if the issue of Gitmo could be separated out from the issue of rendition and torture?

What if Gitmo could be turned into some kind of resort-like holding cell, transparent to the IRC, staffed by international guards?

What then?

Why, Pakistanis, Indonesians and even Columbians could send their bad guys off to Gitmo, confident that they would not be sprung by local militias.

If there were such a secure sure-fire international bank for felons, it might mean that a dent could be made in capital punishment throughout the world..

H. Candace Gorman said...

WTF- indefinite detention without charge or finding of quilt... but we promise the setting will be nice?

We have a judicial system to deal with criminals and no one should be advocating doing away with that system and replacing it with a resort like prison. What if someone thought you were a terrorist? wouldn't you like to be able to defend yourself.... or would you content yourself with the club med of the prison world for the rest of your life?
There is no enduring need for indefinite custody of anyone who is not charged and tried... and if they can't be charged and tried then they must be released... and if they are charged and tried then you look to see what the verdict is and act accordingly.
Now can we close this can of worms?

Vigilante said...

1. Americans? Who said anything about Americans? The only Americans I see standing to be accused of terrorism are Busheney, Rumsfeld, Feith and Wolfowitz and the like. Send them to the Hague to determine their final disposition, if you will. (I'm for that, in a big way!)

2. The others (some others) are more likely not war criminals but POW's. (Big difference.) We didn't try Jap and Germans POW's during WW II; we just held them for the duration.

3. Others? They can be released I guess.

Keep the can of worms around as long as we have worms. And worms are worms whether or not you can catch'em, charge 'em, or convict 'em.

And, as for American worms, as you have pointed out, we have a judicial system that will work form them.

Mohin Zaman Kiani said...

lets hope for good!! we can only do so..
But One things really bites me alot..Bush is still beating the bush -He says "There is still an enemy who can inflict damage on Americans"

I wonder how he,the agent of federal reserve dare to say this unabashedly ..He has transgressed world peace and hoping for more to come.His comments on moral standing of America are pathetic..He has ruined the image of U.S.A and he vowes that it is still intact..This person is incorrigibe..Obama's Attorney general is a good choice and i hope we will see much better actions in coming days.....I hope Obama Will not only proove himself more than just better "speech preperator "

Vigilante said...

All good points!

Mohin Zaman Kiani said...

Pentagon: Gitmo detainees returning to fight
And what about this....see the link and i will appreciate comments
"Sixty-one detainees released from the U.S. Navy base prison in Cuba are believed to have rejoined the fight, said Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell, citing data from December."
I think this data will be from the source which created letter from Iraqi intelligence chief...a pre-requisite of Iraq war.
Isn't Pentagon dectating Obama now...?

Manuel Miles said...

The torturers claim that if their victims are released then they "return to the fight". Two comments, if I may:
1) If they weren't fighting the US empire before (and most were not) they sure have a motive to do so now!
2) "The way to stop terrorism is to quit participating in it." ~ Noam Chomsky