Friday, June 12, 2009

Anniversary of the Boumediene Decision Brings Some Relief

Today marked the one year anniversary of the decision by the US Supreme Court that said the Guantanamo detainees were entitled to swift hearings on their habeas petitions. Yesterday the Obama administration released 6 men. One of the men was a 14 year old boy (from Chad) when first brought to Guantanamo (el-Gharani), one was Iraqi and Four of the six were Uigher prisoners. Two separate Courts ordered the Uighers to be released, 13 Uighers remain. The four Uighers were released to Bermuda (supposedly CNN has an interview with them). Today three men were released, this time to Saudi Arabia (Khalid Saad Mohammed, Abdalaziz Kareem Salim Al Noofayaee and Ahmed Zaid Salim Zuhair.). Mr. Zuhair was Guantanamo's longest running hunger striker.
I am holed up at the secret place.
229 left and counting...
No word yet on my two clients. Sigh...

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