Monday, May 24, 2010

House Armed Service Committee Votes to Keep Gitmo Open and Investigate Lawyers Who Represent the Men at Gitmo

The final text of the House Armed Services Committee-passed National

Defense Authorization Act has been posted on the House Rules Committee's

website: The key pages seem to be pages 389-406.

The following provision in the NDAA 2011 (at pp.403-05) requiring the DOD Inspector General to investigate habeas counsel and commissions defense counsel for interfering with DOD operations:

(a) IN GENERAL.-The Inspector General of the Department of Defense shall conduct an investigation of the conduct and practices of lawyers described in subsection (c)...

(c) LAWYERS DESCRIBED.-The lawyers described in this subsection are military and non-military lawyers-(1) who represent individuals described in subsection (d) in proceedings relating to petitions for habeas corpus or in military commissions; and (2) for whom there is reasonable suspicion that they have engaged in conduct or practices described in subsection (a)(1).

Other notable provisions include:

- No release into the US

- No transfer to the US, until 120 days after comprehensive plan is submitted to Congress re: disposition of each detainee

- No transfer or resettlement to any foreign country, until 30 days after certification to Congress re: risks, etc.

- No transfer to any country with confirmed case of recidivism, unless waived by SECDEF

- No funds to construct or modify any facility in the US to house GTMO detainees

- Report on the merits, costs and risks of using any facility in the US to house GTMO detainees



MediaGuru said...

You have to be a Moron or a Lawyer. I am voting Yes. Many of the lawyers have been in colussion with the detainees and have therefore endangered American lives. I fully support investigating this as well as keeping these Terrorists locked up away from the general public and. Off of US soil. Shame on you.

H. Candace Gorman said...

That is the great thing about our country, at least for now.... we can all express our opinions, even if, like yours, they are not supported by any evidence.
Anyway "mediaguru" may you have a dedicated and passionate attorney should you ever need one.

liberata said...

Right. I feel so much safer because of the House bill provisions.

Harassing these brave attorneys is not going to improve national security. How did we sink into a state of such profound paranoia that we are now investigating attorneys for upholding the principles of our own Constitution?

We forget that John Adams defended the British officers involved in the Boston Massacre.

Adrian Bleifuss Prados said...

This provision was put in by the awful Jeff Miller (R) of Florida. You would hope that Miller somehow secretly slipped it into the bill, but no -- the Democrats on the House Armed Services Committee actually expressly agreed to its inclusion. Great job, Democrats!

H. Candace Gorman said...

As bad as the provisions are regarding the attorneys, frankly we are use to be interfered with by the military and "justice" department. We attorneys have been subjected to great scrutiny and to procedures that would have made Stalin smile.
What is even more disturbing is that men who have been cleared for release by the Court's and/or the military...and have been waiting... literally years for their release, will be stuck in Gitmo for who knows how long...... this is a travesty of the highest magnitude.