Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Real Way Past Gridlock

Mary takes on Goldsmith and Mary wins...Click on the title for more.

As for me...I am knee deep in preparing for my client's (Razak Ali ISN 685) habeas hearing set for October 4-5.....complete with the Government changing its entire theory for detaining him...yesterday. Yes, I said yesterday. I mean what the heck they haven't had much time to think about this...he has only been held for 9+ years without any god damn charges and they knew my client would win on the BS they were advancing up until yesterday.

I head to Gitmo on Monday for a visit with my client before his hearing and because of the dynamics of getting to and from gitmo the trip will last until Friday....

so you won't be hearing much from me except on the odd day when I come up for air and to lash out at the injustice.....

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