Thursday, September 1, 2011


Seems that detainees are not entitled to information about the rendition flights they were subjected to because, you know, states secrets .... and the fact that someone might actually then be held accountable. But those same documents are publicly available in a lawsuit involving money -between the owner of the plane used for the renditions and the the company that contracted to use the plane for the renditions. As emptywheel noted "sort of proves the lie behind the Jeppesen state secrets invocation. The government let all the details behind the KSM flights appear in unsealed court dockets. The only thing that separates what would have appeared in the Binyam Mohamed suit against Jeppesen and this suit is the explicit demand for compensation for a torture victim."

Clive Stafford Smith- attorney for Binyam Mohamed puts it even more succinctly: "When they screw our tortured clients, they assert “National Security”, but when it is a matter of money, they don’t. — Reprieve’s Clive Smith

I wonder if any one will be able to get a judge to care....... or at least be embarassed......
The guardian has more here.

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