Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Drone King- moving on to target americans....

Pretty much from the moment he moved into the white house he has been a disaster.... but who could have predicted that he would be this bad?
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the talking dog said...

You know, Obama's record-- including, inter alia, extending tax cuts for the rich, expanding the national security state to heretofore unknown levels, upping the ante from torture to outright homicide (and not just Qaddafi and OBL, but now, as you note, AMERICAN CITIZENS... with lengthy legal memos to justify it, no less!), expanding state secrets beyond even Dick Cheney's wildest dreams, commissioning a "super-committee" whose mission is to gut social security and social spending in general (including his own booby-trapped health care plan that the courts are likely to gut before it even takes effect), and of course, immunizing criminals from banking thieves to torturers alike while upping the ante on the "war on drugs", "war on terror," "war on immigrants", etc., etc.... and so, notwithstanding that [officially at least], Republicans hate him and call him "a socialist," you just have to come to the conclusion that Barack Obama has had just about the most successful RIGHT-WING PRESIDENCY in history (complete with hid oen right-wing death squads, admittedly in the form of aerial drones and special forces, and so far, at least, only used overseas... but stick around folks... similar drones are either in use or about to be in use for "border patrol," among other things).

The OWS folks across the street from my office would certainly be well-served to realize that ALL POLITICIANS-- maybe Democrats EVEN MORE because of how badly this one has sold out everyone who supported him-- are "the problem," and hence, exogenous systemic change is required, because no one "in the system" can be trusted to make the wholesale changes required just to get us off track from being the Roman Empire, only with 21st century armaments.