Wednesday, January 14, 2015

5 men transferred today. Updated

Four to Oman. One to Estonia.
122 still at Guantanamo.
Hopefully I will have more information on these men who were released tomorrow.
Some information on the men here.

Of the 122 men still in the prison, 54 are cleared, 58 are awaiting clearance, and 10 are in the military commission system.

Of the 54 cleared, 47 (87%) are Yemenis and 7 are non-Yemenis.  The awaiting-clearance category remains at 26 Yemenis and 32 non-Yemenis.
(Thanks to fellow Gitmo attorney Brian Foster for keeping track of the men held for all of us--he also has great charts showing the demographics but I haven't figure out a way to paste it into this blog)

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