Thursday, January 19, 2017

It was not a hard goal post- but he made it.....

In the last hours of his presidency Obama managed to get out 4 of the remaining 6 detainees that were cleared for release.

Three of the newly transferred men — Yasin Qasem Muhammad Ismail, a Yemeni, Ravil Mingazov, a Russian, and Haji Wali Mohammed, an Afghan — were resettled in the United Arab Emirates. The fourth, Jabran Said Wazar al Qahtani, was repatriated to Saudi Arabia just two months after a parolelike board made up of six agencies had moved him to the transfer list. Each had been held for about 15 years.

Obama left behind a shameful legacy of 41 men, 26 of whom he declared our government had insuffient evidence to try--- but what the heck let's keep them locked up anyway..... one of those men is my remaining client. My client's crime? Being in a guesthouse where someone they thought was a bad guy was also staying,  WTF... my client has been at Gitmo going on 17 years because my government would really like to have someone being held at Guantanamo that it can claim is a bad guy.. even though they have no evidence he is a bad guy and no evidence to try him in a court of law.

And now we move on to the man who will run my country--- The lunatic. He does not care about evidence, laws or anything for that matter....

I can only hope my government becomes so obsolete in the world view that no one gives a shit what is happening here.

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