Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Nightmare Nominee to the Supreme Court (UPDATED)

By a nightmare president:

I dont know if we will get to the bottom of this in time to stop Kavanaugh from winning confirmation to the supreme court but it is starting to look like he was more involved in torture than we prevously understood. This from emptywheel.

More emails from Kavanaugh have been released by Senator Booker. The senator is refusing to abide by the republican's designation of these email as "confidential." The emails show that the day after John Yoo wrote his torture memos Kavanaugh was pushing to have Yoo appointed to the 9th Circuit Court of appeals. Yoo however wanted to be made counsel to the CIA. Kavanaugh's fallback was to suggest Yoo be named counsel to the CIA for about a year and then moved to the 9th Circuit.

Read more about these released emails here.

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