Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Pulitzer Prize Winner -- Ben Taub

You might remember Ben Taub's investigative piece "Guantanamo's Darkest secret" in the New Yorker. Ben just won the pulitzer prize for that wonderful writing.

"Taub won in the feature-writing category for a devastating account of a man who was kidnapped, tortured, and deprived of his liberty for more than a decade at Guantánamo Bay. Despite this litany of horrors, Mohamedou Salahi survived with his spirit intact and gained a new friend, a former Guantánamo guard with whom he reconnected after he was released. In its citation, the Pulitzer Board praised Taub for “blending on-the-ground reporting and lyrical prose to offer a nuanced perspective on America's wider war on terror.”

Congrats to Ben and thank you for brining Mr. Salahi's saga to the forefront.

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