Sunday, September 14, 2008

US to finance rehab center for Yemeni prisoners

Rehabilitation centre to be set up for Guantanamo returnees

By Nasser Arrabyee, Correspondent
Published: September 13, 2008, 21:10

Sana'a: A rehabilitation centre for Guantanamo returnees will be
established in Yemen with American support, official sources said.

The centre will aim to receive the Yemeni returnees and work to
reintegrate them back into society.

Around 100 Yemenis are still languishing in the American detention
centre in Cuba, with Yemenis representing the largest number of
some 270 various nationals who remain there.

"Yemen will be responsible for qualifying and rehabilitating the
returnees thoughtfully, culturally, psychologically, whereas the
American government will be funding the establishment and
outfits of the centre," the state-run 26 September newspaper
quoted an unidentified official as saying.

The official did not however say when the 100 Yemenis
will be released from Guantanamo.


Anonymous said...

Wow, a good idea for once. I wish every country that had its men stolen away from them to Guantanamo could have such centers. And so the process of reconstruction begins. Candace, do you know how the Yemeni center came out?

H. Candace Gorman said...

I think the center is still in the planning stages. The Saudi's set up a "rehab" center for the men that they stay at for some months after they get released and it has been very successful in helping them readjust. The US asked the Yemeni government to do something similar and from the looks of it we are now willing to finance to make it happen.
I will report on it again if I hear anything more.

brook said...

i agree with your article. finance is a major requirement for doing business.


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